The Program

Earn a Diploma in Youth Ministry from Youthmin Academy! The Youthmin Academy Diploma Program is designed to educate and empower those who minister to youth and families.

When you enroll in The Youthmin Academy Diploma Program, you will enter a 12-month program that will give you the tools you need to minister to youth and families. This program is perfect for any leader in youth or family ministry!

100% Online

Youthmin Academy is entirely online. You will learn from some of the most respected youth and family ministry educators today through virtual classroom experiences, a private online community, required reading, assignments, and more.

Time Commitment

The Youthmin Academy Diploma Program is a 12-month program. Each month there is one virtual classroom experience where you will learn from a member of our faculty and will interact with other students in your cohort. Each virtual classroom experience is 2 hours long.

In addition to the monthly video conferences, you will have required reading and assignments. You should plan on a total of 3-5 hours of work each week.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate and receive your Youthmin Academy Diploma in Youth Ministry, you must successfully complete the 12 modules (outlined below). These 12 Core Modules are required by our Deans.

Core Modules

Completion of all 12 modules are required for graduation.
  • Module
    Course Emphasis
    Text Book
  • Foundations of Youth Ministry
    This course is designed to help the volunteer or professional youth worker design and implement the entire scope of an effective church-based junior high or high school youth ministry, taking into consideration, developmental and sociological issues that pertain to each ministry.
    Adoptive Youth Ministry edited by Chap Clark
    Dr. Bill Staffieri
  • Old Testament Survey
    An overview of the Old Testament with emphasis on the purpose of the writers; history and culture; literary genre, structure, and themes; persons and events, and practical application for Christian living.
    Survey of the Old Testament by Paul Benware
    Jeff Carter
  • Spiritual Formation & Christian Education in Youth Ministry
    An overview of education methodologies and historical development within the church as applied to the Bible in accurate and dynamic ways for spiritual transformation and character formation.
    Introducing Christian Education: Foundations for the 21st Century by Michael Anthony
    Dr. Michelle Anthony & Dr. Michael Anthony
  • New Testament Survey
    An overview of the New Testament with emphasis on the purpose of the writers; history and culture; literary genre, structure, and themes; persons and events; and practical application for Christian living.
    Survey of the New Testament by Paul Benware
    Dr. Craig Allen Hill
  • Family Empowered Youth Ministry
    Explore ministry essentials that will include such things as: empowering families to take the spiritual leadership in the home, teaching Scripture as the ultimate authority of truth, the power of worship response and understanding the role of the Holy Spirit’s power to teach and transform.
    7 Family Ministry Essentials by Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman
    Megan Marshman
  • Understanding a Changing Youth Culture and Climate
    Focuses on the changing landscape of youth culture in today’s society, communication skills between generations, social media’s impact and diversity in our families/ministries.
    Blur: A New Paradigm for Understanding Youth Culture by Jeffrey Keuss
    Dr. Karen Jones
  • Leadership Development and Volunteer Training
    Overview of biblical and contemporary leadership theories applied to personal leadership development and the equipping of volunteer leaders within the local church.
    The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus: A Biblical Strategy for Leadership Development by Dale Roach
    Dr. Dave Keehn
  • Systematic Theology Based Ministry
    The Biblical doctrines of God, Christ, man, and sin, with reference to the history and development of Christian theology. Also includes a brief study of the Holy Spirit, the church and last things, with reference to the history and development of Christian theology and its modern application to today’s generations.
    Life’s Biggest Questions by Dr. Erik Thoennes
    Dr. Erik Thoennes
  • Evangelism & Discipleship for Emerging Generations
    An overview of evangelism and discipleship in the local church. Course includes equipping on the needs, expectations, roles, responsibilities, and competencies related to discipling believers, reproducing disciples, and for training others in effective basics of defending their faith.
    Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics
    Brandon Cormier
  • Organizational Administration
    An introduction to the biblical principles and current practice of management: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and evaluating with special emphasis upon the application of these functions to church and para-church administration.
    Management Essentials for Christian Ministries by Dr. Michael J. Anthony
    Dr. Michael Anthony
  • Hermeneutical Message Development and Teaching
    Methods and principles for interpreting Scripture throughout church history and the present era. Theory is applied to texts with an emphasis on the grammatical-historical method.
    Inductive Bible Study: A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics
    Steve Carter
  • Healthy Sexuality for Students in an Unhealthy World
    This course focuses on the cultural implications that sexuality has on shaping our youth and family structures. It will explore recent trends, dangers and ramifications of the sexual messages in today’s world. In addition, this course will help students create a biblical paradigm for sexual purity for teaching and training purposes in student ministry.
    The Purity Code: God's Plan for Sex and Your Body by Dr. Jim Burns
    Dr. Jim Burns

*Please note: The courses and dates are subject to change throughout the year.

Students are responsible to purchase books that go with each module. Your required reading list is going to be released in June.

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